True Love


I was sitting quietly on a cold morning train, heading to work. It was peaceful and I was well-rested, gazing out of the window as we approached the next station stop. Lots of passengers filled the aisles upon boarding, perusing vacant seats to acquire. I notice a man with finely groomed silver hair and a black trench coat with ear muffs. Alongside him, she was cloaked in a caramel parka with a tightly-drawn hood trimmed in fur. As they took their places in the empty seat in front of me, he slid off his ear muffs and watched her remove her hood. And then I saw it – the glimmer in his eye as she softly brushed her fingers through her shoulder length silver curls that were nestled beneath her winter’s covering. He adored her. As she turned to face him, his eyes were already fixed upon her. And then I saw it – a soft smile as her eyes met his. She adored him.

And their hands touched, with gentle touches dancing amongst their lighthearted verbal exchange and laughter. It was simply magically, as their eyes intently met each others. And then I saw it – adoration, respect, cherishing, love.

I saw it –a lifetime of embracing each other through the years. 
I saw it – boy meets girl now man loves woman.
I saw it – girl meets boy now woman loves man.
I saw it – hopes and dreams and a beautiful legacy of love.
I saw it – smile lines, gray hair, and butterflies.
I saw it – tears and disappointments, hugs and forgiveness.
I saw it – hands intertwined and long quiet nights.
I saw it – celebrations of nothing special and smiles just because.
I saw it – moments of loving you but not liking you but never leaving you.

I saw it –a commitment to us getting better and always endeavoring to grow into oneness.
I saw it – best friends and lovers.
I saw it – you are worth my investment and I will protect your heart.
I saw it – you are my priority and what matters to you matters to me. 
I saw it – a quiet passion that seemed to make time stand still to pay homage to love.
I saw it – a heart’s declaration that the years have not diminished my love for you.
I saw it – you are endeared to me even the more.
I saw it – I saw true love. 


© 2018 Kassandra McGhee



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