Adjusting to a New Normal

Admit it, change can be hard! But it doesn’t have to be dreaded and in fact, just might bring something positive.

I know, I know – change might not be something you desire to discuss right now, especially with some of the unwelcomed ones we’ve recently encountered. But the truth is, change is inevitable and how we adjust to it is key. And isn’t it great to know that we get to choose our response? That’s one of the most encouraging things about change – we can decide to either embrace the positive or focus on the negative (however, I would definitely not recommend or endorse the latter).

So, let’s decide! Below are a few quick tips about accepting change and finding the new silver lining:


  • Be truthful about your feelings related to the change
  • Reflect and write a list of the things you enjoyed about your life prior to the change and how the change has/will impact them
  • Make a list of the consequences of the change (positive and negative) and your thoughts about each of them
  • Share your lists/thoughts with a trusted person who will listen and provide supportive, honest feedback


  • Know that it’s important to move beyond feelings and thoughts into positive action
  • Develop a plan about how you will address and manage the negative consequences
  • Write a statement about the benefit(s) of each positive consequence
  • Make a list of words or statements to describe the positive outcomes (i.e., relaxation, money, healthy, faith, family, quality time, personal growth, increased savings, achieve my dreams, etc.)
  • Create a vision board or signs that include your positive statements 
  • Review your vision board/signs daily  


  • Allow yourself a realistic adjustment timeframe and learning curve
  • Utilize only affirmative self-talk and imaging related to the change and its positive outcomes
  • Plan to succeed by developing concrete ways you will integrate the change into your daily life
  • Regularly evaluate areas where you’ve positively embraced change as well as opportunities for growth
  • Applaud and reward yourself as you achieve small and larger acceptance milestones
  • Adjust and improve your plans, as the need arises


  • Find what will encourage and support you as you move through the stages of accepting the change (i.e., accountability partner, journaling, positive affirmations, prayer, exercise, relaxation time, etc.)
  • Keep a log of positive things that happen along the way
  • Commit to the “new normal” by moving forward and only looking back for the lessons and inspiration
  • Smile, you’re a champion and the best is yet to come


© 2020 Kassandra McGhee

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