Some Truths to Remember

  • Lean into challenges head-on
  • Elevate your voice vs. hiding in silence
  • You’re loved unconditionally – act like it
  • Reshuffle the cards & remember you have a winning hand
  • Trust God’s plan even when the path leads through dark valleys
  • Prioritize and focus only on what requires your purposeful investment & yields the proper ROI
  • You’re living in answered prayers as you await the manifestation of greater
  • Everything concerning your life is precious – handle with care
  • You move differently when you realize God’s equipped YOU as the rescue squad
  • An inner smile is a super power and is anchored in believing God
  • Your value & purpose are non-negotiable
  • Faith and healing are pathways to greater and what God promised
  • Look again – God’s given you what’s needed to do what He said during this season
  • You’re equipped for this – don’t give up

© 2022 Kassandra McGhee

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