Creating a Winning Atmosphere for a Successful Year


Every new year brings an excitement and buzz with expectations for greater, better, and forward advancement. Whether it’s health, finances, personal relationships, business or spirituality, most of us start out with the desire to improve and make this year better than our last. And although we might have great intentions, it can be easy to fall into old habits if we don’t generate an atmosphere conducive to winning. 

As a Christian, I believe prayer is one of the best ways to create the right heart and mind required for our success. Thus, I would like to share my 2015 Goals & Vision Prayer that will hopefully help you begin your pursuit of success in 2015 in the right direction:

“Lord, according to Habakkuk 2:2, I am writing the vision for my destiny in You for 2015.  I thank You for the natural, earthly manifestation of what You have already completed for me in the spiritual realm.  I stand in agreement with Your Word and decree that I am the lender and not the borrower, above only and never beneath.  I operate in faith in You only and thus, have Your favor at all times, in every situation, and with every person.  I decree that wealth and riches are in my household and everything I set my hands to, prospers in Your name and for Your glory.  I sow and plant good seed, in good ground, and receive an abundant immediate (within 24 hours) good harvest.  I decree that every good due harvest that has not yet come to me and my storehouse are come to me now in Jesus’ name.  I decree that my gifts have brought me before great people and my vine will not cast its fruit before time.  I decree that there will be no premature births, delays, cancellations, destructions or deterrents to the callings on my life, Your manifested will for my life, and my gifts bringing wealth to me.  I decree freedom from all bondage, all works and forces of the enemy, and I bind & return every hex and weapon to satan now in Jesus’ name.    

I set watch over my mouth and only speak what You say.  I take my rightful place and position in this world as a ruler and walk in authority as a king in Your kingdom.  Every place the sole of my feet treads, You have given me to reign and to rule for Your kingdom’s sake.   I walk in Your power and Your authority, decreeing and establishing Your kingdom and Your ways every place I go.  I thank You and believe that I have now received what I have asked for in Jesus’ name.  I command angels to go forth now and minister these things unto me.  In the name of Jesus I pray and thank You that is so. Amen.”


© 2015 Kassandra McGhee

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