2015 Victory Lap


2015 has been nothing short of an absolutely amazing year! An amazing, remarkable, fantabulous, awesome year indeed! And in every way. Now typically people don’t feel that they can honestly make such a statement. With life’s ups, downs, and challenges, many wouldn’t say that their year has been perfect. But I must say that this year has been amazing!

2015 has been amazing and for so many reasons. Reasons I am sure most of you would agree with. We have all accomplished some things that at some point during the year might have seemed impossible. But God allowed us to persevere yet again and the outcome is nothing short of amazing.

Yes, amazing – we are accomplished and 2015 has been a success! Seriously, think back about your accomplishments and I’m not just talking about accomplishments in the way people tend to think of them by focusing on what can be clearly seen as “wins” only. I’m talking about what some might see as losses, near misses, challenges, or down right struggles. Yes, they are part of our 2015 accomplishments too. It all depends on how you view them.

Why, you might ask, include the things that could cause others to run to 2016 to escape the very thought of them? Why include things that might have almost served as a point of breakdown and not break-through? Why, you might ask? Well, because they too are part of our 2015 Victory Lap.

Each year, as I project plan for the upcoming year, I take inventory of the goals I’ve accomplished for the current/closing year: Spiritual, Ministry, Family, Business, Personal. Yes, I take full inventory of what I’ve achieved based upon the goals that were outlined. But this year, God challenged me to not just look at the goals I completed as my only accomplishments but also at other things I typically would count.

Yes, I was challenged to look at everything as a point of accomplishment and achievement. I was challenged to remember that all things worked together for my good because I loved Him and was called according to His purpose. So…if I learned, if I grew, if I was challenged, if I walked in love, if I persevered, if I overcame, if I kept the faith, if I prayed, if I encouraged others, if I forgave, if I believed, if I witnessed, if I praised Him, if I repented, if I decreed His word, if I sought His face, if I fasted, if I died more that He might live, if I trusted Him, if I sacrificed, if I worshipped Him, if I was obedient, if I admitted when I was wrong, if I surrendered, if I walked in purpose, if I gave Him the glory/credit, if I drew near to Him, if I exalted Him, if I loved Him……..

Yes, if I look back and see victory in all of the things, growth through all of circumstances, His love and guidance in all of the lessons, increased faith with every battle, a deeper love for Him in every situation, then I can truly see all of the things I’ve accomplished.

Yes, I’ve made so many gains this year and achieved some amazing goals. But in it all, I arrive at the end of 2015, closer to God and fuller of faith and hope than when I entered this year. Faith and hope not just for 2016 but in the God that holds my 2016 and beyond.

This has been a year of divine favor, a year of triumph, a year of rebirth, a year of renewal, a year of new birth, a year of purpose, a year of grace, a year of love. Yes, 2015 has been nothing short of an absolutely amazing year! An amazing, remarkable, fantabulous, awesome year indeed! And in every way. So it’s time for our victory lap. Wouldn’t you agree?


© 2015 Kassandra McGhee


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