Spring Forth

Ah, birds chirping every morning outside my bedroom window remind me that change is on the horizon. As they unapologetically serenade me with their sweet melodic symphonies, I smile with excitement and release a deep sigh. “Spring, finally. Welcome!”

I enjoyed the beauty of winter’s coat on long toasty nights, snuggling beneath my favorite blanket with a warm cup of tea gently nestled between my fingers. But Spring has sprung and serves as the beautiful, warm introduction to my beloved Summer season. 

Spring is a joyous reflection of the beauty of newness: new opportunities, new experiences, and just newness of life in general. Yes, Spring reverberates a pure exhilaration of discovering the unknown, as it showcases its bright sunrays that simply feel good on the skin. 

What newness of life have you been waiting to uncover and spring forth? What are you looking forward to seeing develop, grow, and unearth during this new season? 

  • Will you write that new book?
  • Launch your website?
  • Develop a new resume for your job search?
  • Commit to self-care or starting a wellness plan?
  • Finalize your business strategy?

Whatever your rightful newness might be, lean into it! Embrace this season of change and move forward. Change doesn’t have to be scary and in fact, the tulips budding from their cold, damp wintery flower bed put us on notice of this fact. And longer days with more sunshine can be great inspiration in and of itself to both breathe and dig deeper.

So, stand tall and grasp this season of newness with both hands. Purpose in your heart to deliberately plan to emerge as a stronger version of yourself. Let Spring inspire you to be ever-growing, ever-achieving, ever-emerging, ever-becoming. Life has layers and chapters, and let’s write this next one in bold, amazing colors. 

Welcome, Spring! Roll out your green carpet and illustrious shades of vibrant hues in all of your splendor. Spring forth – we’ve been awaiting your arrival.

© 2021 Kassandra McGhee

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