Unless You Choose to See

Unless you choose to see

Really see

You’ll never see

You'll never perceive.


Well, it shouldn’t be.

It’s about seeing both you and me 

In the fullness of who we were created to be.

See me

More than my undeniable introduction

But the profundities of my soul

And the essence of my being.

See me

The vastness and complexities of me

Not just my apparent

But my layers, my realness, my intensities.

Don’t dishonor me

By choosing to not see

The true value of me

As determined by the Creator of me.

For I am far too beautiful

Far too purposeful

Far too powerful

To ever be unseen.

Yes, see me

The uniqueness of me

And respect and champion me

Even if there are intersections where we disagree.

So will you?

Do you dare to?

Do you choose to?

Clearly and honestly see?

Through the filter of a pure Godly heart?

Through His eyes and with a renewed mind?

For He’s created and painted our beautiful array

Which is forever clearly beautifully displayed.

Take notice – open your mind and heart to see

The fullness of who you and I were meant to be

Individually yet interwoven and parts of a collective destiny.

You see – I shine, I excel, I am, I be, I rise, I journey, I see

I choose to see you and I choose to see me

The flaws, the strengths, the commonalities, the beauty, the uniqueness, the opportunities

For life will not be all it was destined to be – unless you and I choose to see.

© 2021 Kassandra McGhee

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