I Still Believe

I still believe love never fails, is a soothing balm to ailments, and is an illuminating, transformational force within the universe.

I still believe right outweighs wrong, and truth creates a strong foundation upon which we can boldly stand.

I still believe that purpose calls and the answer is always ‘yes’ and its resounding voice echoes deep within the hearts of mankind.

I still believe light dispels darkness, and even the smallest ray can unsettle the forces devised against peace, success, and unity. 

I still believe family is not only birthed but born in the hearts of all who clearly see beyond skin, beyond socioeconomic status, beyond complexities, beyond manufactured divisions, but through the eyes of God. 

I still believe to dance in your passion is greater than succumbing to the demands of the dollar into a place where the sun within you fully eclipses. 

I still believe a baby’s laugh is one of the purest joys, and the eyes of a child share such hope, love, trust, and promise that we must strive to remember, encapsulate, and live. 

I still believe freedom of choice is one of the greatest gifts that can become one of the greatest hurdles or weapons, when misunderstood or mishandled.

I still believe true friendships and partnerships are like priceless anchors in a storm, marrow to the bones, truth and growth immunizers, and honing instruments to enrich our lives in the fulfilment of our destiny. 

I still believe our words carry creative power, we live from the inside out, and our lives ultimately reflect an abundant harvest of what we believe, and thus what we sow and produce. 

I still believe a genuine embrace speaks volumes, whether shared in words or in deeds. 

I still believe forgiveness is one of the most powerful liberators that cleanses the soul of debris that can lead to self-destruction, if left unresolved. 

I still believe as long as there is life, there is hope and we must be ‘hope carriers’ for no one is beyond love’s reach.

I still believe all of God’s children deserve celebration, restoration, prosperity, and adoration, and it being unsatisfied is one of man’s highest misdeeds.

I still believe that knowing who you are, in light of whose you, is a triumph that can destroy strongholds and shift paradigms, that can ultimately change our world. 

I still believe God is the only true living God, Jesus is Savior and Lord, and we are His people empowered to change the world for His glory alone. 

I still believe and I choose to act on what I believe, because I believe that believing in what I believe and in whom I believe changes everything! 

Yes, I still believe. 

© 2022 Kassandra McGhee

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