I was sitting quietly on a cold morning train, heading to work. It was peaceful and I was well-rested, gazing out of the window as we approached the next station stop. Lots of passengers filled the aisles upon boarding, perusing vacant seats to acquire. I notice a man with finely groomed silver hair and a black trench coat with ear muffs. Alongside him, she was cloaked in a caramel parka with a tightly-drawn hood trimmed in fur. As they took their places in the empty seat in front of me, he slid off his ear muffs and watched her remove her hood. And then I saw it – the glimmer in his eye as she softly brushed her fingers through her shoulder length silver curls that were nestled beneath her winter’s covering. He adored her. As she turned to face him, his eyes were already fixed upon her. And then I saw it – a soft smile as her eyes met his. She adored him.

And their hands touched, with gentle touches dancing amongst their lighthearted verbal exchange and laughter. It was simply magically, as their eyes intently met each others. And then I saw it – adoration, respect, cherishing, love.

I saw it –a lifetime of embracing each other through the years. 
I saw it – boy meets girl now man loves woman.
I saw it – girl meets boy now woman loves man.
I saw it – hopes and dreams and a beautiful legacy of love.
I saw it – smile lines, gray hair, and butterflies.
I saw it – tears and disappointments, hugs and forgiveness.
I saw it – hands intertwined and long quiet nights.
I saw it – celebrations of nothing special and smiles just because.
I saw it – moments of loving you but not liking you but never leaving you.

I saw it –a commitment to us getting better and always endeavoring to grow into oneness.
I saw it – best friends and lovers.
I saw it – you are worth my investment and I will protect your heart.
I saw it – you are my priority and what matters to you matters to me. 
I saw it – a quiet passion that seemed to make time stand still to pay homage to love.
I saw it – a heart’s declaration that the years have not diminished my love for you.
I saw it – you are endeared to me even the more.
I saw it – I saw true love. 


© 2018 Kassandra McGhee




“I am not strong because of you but I can be stronger with you.” 

While riding to work on a very crowded train this morning, I witnessed a married couple join the standing-room-only crowd of commuters. Everyone appeared to be engrossed in their own world, although we were conjointly thrown together in a silver bullet headed in the same direction. No one seemed to mind the close quarters as there were no noticeable facial scowls and actually a few brief smiles and common morning interactions.

As we quietly rode from destination to destination, the available passenger space grew even tighter, eventually to a point where closeness to your neighbor allowed you to actually detect their shampoo fragrance.  And even with all of that, we tightly held on to the train’s walls, seats, or above-head handrails as we proceeded on our winding journey of dropping off and picking up morning riders.

Eventually my attention was brought back to this before-mentioned couple, standing in the middle of the train not 4 feet away from me. They smiled at each other, sharing a few seconds of occasional eye contact before each of them looked out of the train’s windows or at other commuters. One of the things I noticed was how the wife wrapped her arm around her husband’s waist instead of holding onto a handrail to stabilize herself. I then noted how her husband braced his stance to support her weight, as we swayed during stops and turns. Now, I know some of you might think, “Awwww, isn’t that sweet? She’s leaning on her husband and he’s supporting her.” Seems kind of nice, huh? Well, before you get caught up in the butterflies and violins, that’s NOT the main thing I saw here. And what I did see isn’t as rosy or as wonderful as you might think.

What I saw was an example of why many organizations and relationships suffer and some fail. What I saw was a missed opportunity on both parts to help themselves and thus, help each other. What I saw was something problematic and not ideal or supportive at all. Curious? Hopefully so…

To go further into this observation, I noticed that there was a stabilization rail directly above the wife being utilized by her husband and available for her to use to maintain her own balance. I also noted that due to her utilizing her husband (a stabilization “resource”) instead of the hand rail (a stronger and the more purposefully designed stabilization source), she was putting unwarranted pressure on him. So, as we traveled he had to continue to readjust to keep them both from falling. Let me put it this way, instead of doing what she could have done to help herself, she was solely relying on him for both of them. Instead of assisting, she was adding more weight and pressure. And to make it personal – instead of you pulling your own weight, you’re expecting someone else to pull theirs and yours too. Get the picture? (I’m sure this is not the warm and fuzzy moment some initially thought I witnessed).

And this scenario is too reminiscent of how many professional and personal relationships operate. The giving and “strength-balancing” aspect is warped. One person is casting more “weight” than what s/he should, putting undue stress and hardship on the other partner. One leader or division is carrying the majority of the solutions and/or progress while others are underperforming. No organism can operate at optimum capacity if each person/component doesn’t effectively do its part. Period. The success of your unit, whether it’s an organization or personal relationship, depends on individual success which is directly dependent upon individual strength. So, her reliance on him is not sweet and his allowing it is not supportive – it’s problematic.

As a leader, one of my greatest joys is when people don’t have to rely on me for what they once did. When the phone calls decrease, when the questions turn into answers, and when they are strengthened to make independent good decisions without my advice. I desire for others to be able to stabilize themselves and stand on their own – it only strengthens the team.  And if I create “dependency” (even subconsciously), I am limiting not only their potential but impeding my own and that of our overall team. Remember, effective leaders develop other leaders but insecure leaders foster dependency.

Developing strong leaders attests to our leadership skills NOT the fact that they need to consistently rely on us. I expect others to grow, so I encourage and embrace the transition to independence so they will learn to trust their own wings. For success, knowing our own strength is invaluable. Think about it. How else would be able to accomplish anything unless we truly did? And that’s what we must inspire in others – a knowledge of their ability to soar. Now that’s leadership. 

Leaders, our team is the core that must be strengthened. Your partner, your business associates, your family, your team. Whether it’s a professional or personal, whether it’s a one-on-one partnership or a larger scale organism, your team is about strength and alliance. And in true collaboration, we must instill this into our teams: “Your strength doesn’t come from me but we can be stronger together.” 

So, let’s learn and teach others to not lean on the resources, yet seek to become stronger individually. And don’t miss the opportunity to encourage your team’s growth and to pour into them. Because it truly takes a stronger “I” to make a stronger “us”. And THAT should be our goal – strengthening the core!


© 2017 Kassandra McGhee


“If you can’t take me beyond where I’ve already gone, where I am now, what I’ve already experienced, and/or what I already know, why am I following you?”


Now isn’t that an interesting question? But unbeknownst to too many leaders, that is the question those who follow us ask themselves subconsciously every day. So leaders, have we asked ourselves the same question? And more importantly, do we have any good answers?

This question is simply meant to challenge us and to help ensure we remain focused on leading from the front. Our organization’s success, growth, and development is never limited to finances but always includes our most valuable asset – our personnel. Thus, if we truly are only as strong as our weakest link, we can never afford to be that person.

We must understand that leading from the front requires our own growth and objectivity. It requires for us to make an investment before we can expect a return. So leaders, let’s talk. What exactly are we doing to develop the assets within our companies? What exactly do we provide to those we are responsible to lead? What goals will we help them attain? What skills will we help them develop? What are we doing to shape their lives both presently and for their future? And how exactly are we doing this?

To obtain answers to these questions, we must be willing to honestly examine our leadership impact. And this can be accomplished by taking an analytical view of our organization from an “eagle’s eye” objective perspective. We must examine every detail from initial contact with our company to customer (and employee) retention to identify where we can improve and grow.  We must be able to clearly see the Power and Responsibility of leadership itself.

The Power of leadership provides the opportunity to influence, shape, impart, develop, build, and direct. Leadership is a privilege and we must never fail to remember that it is about transformation. Thus, nothing we touch should remain unchanged and unimpacted in a profitable manner. And this is Responsibility of leadership – we are accountable for positive outcomes and obligated to those we lead / serve.

In example, today I identified the person I should help “groom” for my Executive Director chair when I transition to greater opportunities. Was I intimated by this “revelation?” Not at all – it was actually very liberating! It gave me an opportunity to sit back and look from an “eagle’s eye” perspective across the company for individuals that could take this individual’s current position and so on.  It brought a different level of excitement to my day, as I saw many opportunities for growth and development.

Our success is always beyond meeting or exceeding the financial goals, growth projections, service metrics, etc. Our success as leaders is inclusive of our ability to help develop a stronger workforce.


© 2017 Kassandra McGhee


“Your purpose needs to move you past your goals and into a pure, inner drive and passion. That’s when it becomes a lifelong love affair you’re not willing to live without.”  


“I LOVE YOU!” Aww, such powerful and wonderful words that most of us desire and absolutely love to hear. I believe the desire for and the pursuit of love, of happiness, of inner fulfillment is one of the most natural instincts we possess. We all desire to feel supported, important, protected, cared for, and accepted. We matter and long for others to affirm that we do.

And there’s nothing wrong with receiving the “right” affirmations or encouragement from others. In fact, we must have proper connections with the “right” people to fulfill our purpose. And sometimes a little “you’ve got this” or “great job – keep up the good work” or “I’m proud of you” can go a long way in helping us stay focused and on track.

But as much as we love to hear it from others, here’s a question. “When was the last time you said it to yourself? When was your last self-encouragement conversation? When was the last time YOU loved on YOU?” As special as the “I Love You” words are from others, it’s more important to actually give them to yourself. Now I’m not talking about being narcissistic, prideful or arrogant. I’m talking about embracing who you are, your uniqueness, your talents, your strengths, your triumphs, your purpose, yourself. If we are not able to TRULY accept, approve, and love all of who we are, we will be ineffective in obtaining real success.

Leaders, we must see our purpose (the reason we exist) as intertwined with the essence of who we really are. We cannot be separated from it. Thus, to love me is to love why I was created. To love me is to love what I was created to accomplish. To love me is to love everything I do that aligns with my purpose. So, how can I best promote something I don’t love, believe in or am not passionate about? If I don’t love me, I’ve conceded to self-defeat and agreed to my own diminished outcomes. I have ultimately settled for less than the success I was intended to experience.

Let’s for a moment parallel our purpose with having a cute little baby. In doing so, a few things come to mind:

  • You love your baby (purpose) even before s/he is born
  • You always desire to protect and provide the best for your baby (purpose)
  • Your baby (purpose) needs you so s/he can not just live but thrive
  • You are willing to make sacrifices for your baby (purpose)
  • No one else will ever be able to love your baby (purpose) more than you do
  • You’re in love with her/him simply because it’s your baby (purpose)

Sound about right? Your baby is precious and special to you simple because s/he is yours. And you love her/him with a love like no other. Shouldn’t it be the same with you and your purpose? It’s your “baby” and if you don’t love, nurture, protect, and help your baby (purpose) thrive, who will?

Leaders, we can only give others what we possess and a healthy self-love yields a health love for others. As frontrunners, we are responsible to help others birth and care for their own babies. And the best way to do so, is by living a good example. And good parenting speaks volumes in actions more than in words.

Clears throat, looks squarely in the mirror, inserting your name here: “_________, I love you! Yes, you. I love me some me and what I was created to do and be!” Say it until you believe it. Cuddle up with your purpose, get to really know it. Take inventory of who you are and all you possess (i.e., strengths, talents, etc.). Don’t compare your baby to anyone else’s – yours is unique and one-of-a-kind. Love it for what it is – it’s a part and essence of who you are. And loving you means loving it.

So, let me encourage you to develop and/or improve your love of YOU. After all, your purpose and success rely on it.

© 2016 Kassandra McGhee


“Nothing works unless we commit to really doing it right. It’s called life; it’s called success.”  


Most people can’t handle the truth. And honestly, too often people would rather surround themselves with enablers and cheerleaders to avoid facing it. This is a sad reality but a simple truth. And to be completely honest, how easy is it for us to accept the truths about ourselves? Ouch – does anyone need an icepack for their feet?

Let’s face it, the truth can really hurt sometimes and be hard to swallow let alone digest. But it’s not until we learn to face it that we are truly able & ready to fully embrace our best lives. Nothing changes until we do and nothing works unless we commit to really doing it right. In life, we cannot possess our “bests” until we’re prepared to both receive and live in the truth.

Now let’s get the foundation clearly established – as leaders we are typically in a position where we focus on and are more prepared to tell someone else the truth than to receive it. Agreed? With that being said, one of the first truths that we must face in these situations is that sometimes it’s what you say, sometimes it’s how you say it, sometimes it’s when you say it, and sometimes it’s a combination therein.

  • What You Say – Most of the people I’ve encountered in life didn’t intentionally seek to hurt others or do things wrong. However, there will always be outliers that don’t operate in integrity and aren’t trustworthy. Nonetheless, everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity and thus, what we say needs to be framed correctly. Prior to delivery, we should assess the “truth” by questioning: “Is it factual? Is it helpful? Is it required?” Emotion and personal agenda have no place in our messaging. Thus, what we say should lead towards improvement not merely compliance.
  • How You Say – Tone can change everything and even a simply “Hello” can change meaning and receptivity simply by “how” it’s said. And it’s not just our verbal communication but also our nonverbal ques or body language that can speak volumes. “Yes, I’m listening and really desire to hear your feedback.” Sounds like a great statement, right? But my folded arms, typing while speaking with you, cold stare, etc. would create a different image for the receiver. If the truth is important to communicate then it’s important to package it properly. Everyone’s palate is different; thus, how I communicate with one individual might be completely different than with another. However, one thing remains the same: serving a gourmet meal on a dirty plate taints the entire dining experience for anyone. Just keep the goal of the communication in mind – at the end of the day the ultimate objective is success.
  • When You Say – The right thing said at the wrong time is still the wrong thing. Even if it has to be addressed, it’s called timing and sometimes poor timing can change great communication into a great misunderstanding. Ask, “Is this a conversation that needs to be had face-to-face, in a group setting or individually, immediately or after a period of time has occurred?” Choosing the proper time is half of the battle. So don’t be anxious yet assess the right time, location, and format. Sometimes you have to wait, breathe, and then prepare for implementation.

Please know that even with such good communication practices in place, sometimes the message will simply not be well received. But remember that you are not responsible for the response, only for your delivery.

As leaders, we must endeavor to lead well and by example. And even in difficult situations, we must remain focused on our culminating goal: Success = Mutual Respect + Integrity + Teamwork + Effective Communication + Order + Proper Focus + Positive Results + Purpose

If this is not the goal, what is it all for


© 2016 Kassandra McGhee



As the Church, we are called to be salt and light, meaning Godly change agents in this earth (Matthew 5:13-16). It’s never about fitting in but acknowledging that we are ALL leaders with a sphere of influence. Whether your territory is your family, coworkers, community, or a broader footprint, there are people that each of us have been CALLED to impact for the kingdom of God. Thus, as leaders, to say nothing or do nothing when the situation clearly calls for our leadership is irresponsible. So, what do we say and what do we do?  

As Christ is our perfect example in all things, we should follow His lead: “For I have never spoken on My own initiative or authority, but the Father Himself who sent Me has given Me a commandment regarding what to say and what to speak. I know that His commandment is eternal life. So the things I speak, I speak [in accordance with His exact instruction,] just as the Father told Me.” [St. John 12:49-50, AMP version]

As the body of Christ, we literally embody the very Spirit of God (I Corinthians 3:16) and it’s through us that His kingdom is advanced and His will is done in this earth. Therefore, we cannot afford to leave our posts or promote our own thoughts or agendas. It is important that we fulfill our purpose and assignments as too much is reliant upon us to get it right. We are salt and must not lose our savor (effectiveness). We are light and must not dim our shine (impact). We are Kingdom Ambassadors and thus, on behalf of our King, we have something to say and plenty to do. 

The Bible instructs us in 2 Chronicles 7:14, “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I forgive their sin and will heal their land.” [NIV version] And St. Matthew 17:21 reminds us that some spirits will only be defeated through prayer and fasting. Thus, as Believers, what do we say and what do we do?  We pray, seek God, fast, and live righteously, knowing it impacts more than just our lives or our households, it impacts our world.

Please know that all of the evils in this earth including racism, sexism, classism, etc. are nothing more than symptoms of a larger evil root – a heart and mind that is not Christ-like and has not been transformed by God and His Word. Remember that every natural thing that exists has a spiritual root and the Bible tells us in St. Matthew 12:34-35 that an evil heart produces evil deeds; Romans 7:18a states that there is no good in our flesh or human nature; Romans 12:2 tells us that our minds must be renewed (in the Word of God). Thus, an unregenerated heart and mind is subject to evil works and requires God and His Word to change it.

So, what do we do? Know that there is good news! Proverbs 21:1 states that God can turn the heart of a person; James 1:5 gives us assurance that if we lack wisdom, we can ask God for it and He will generously provide it for us; Job 22:28 tells us that we can decree a thing and it be established; Matthew 18:18 states that whatever we bind or loose on earth is bonded or loosed in heaven; Romans 12:19 reminds us that vengeance belongs to God. Moreover, Luke 10:19 encourages us to know that we have power over ALL of the forces of the enemy and we will not be harmed; 2 Corinthians 2:14 reminds us that God always causes us to be triumphant; and Psalm 91:7 states, “A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you.”

Thus, our focus spiritually is to live in faith, pray, and fast. Pray for the hearts and minds of the evil doers that they might repent, turn to God, and walk according to His perfect will for their lives. Pray for families and individuals impacted by these evils, that God will comfort, protect, guide, and strengthen them. Pray for protection for not just yourself and your family but for our communities, schools, churches, and our world. Pray for our leaders and the decision-makers that their hearts will turn to God and operate according to His wisdom and way. Pray and ask God what individually and collectively we must do to help bring His love, peace, and prosperity to this world. Pray and ask God for wisdom as to what we can do to be His hands, ears, feet, and heart not just in these situations but always. Our focus naturally is to seek and walk in Godly wisdom in our interactions, to follow His leading on how to educate others and address the evils, and to remember that sowing good seed will not always fall on a heart ready to receive it but to sow it anyway (St. Luke 8).

Church, we have the answer and His name is Jesus. We are salt, light, and the solution. Thus, I challenge us to commit ourselves to personally fasting and to 60 days of more diligently praying and seeking God’s wisdom for our actions. I challenge us to act like Christ and to be the Church.


© 2016 Kassandra McGhee


As we come to a close of this remarkable year of 2015, I come under assignment to pronounce a 2015 Benediction that will help translate us over the threshold of 2016. A benediction which is a prayer that asks for God’s blessing or an expression to promote goodness or well-being.

The Benediction

“God, we honor You, bless Your name, worship You our Lord, Master and forever reigning King. You are an awesome God, You are great and greatly to be praised. We exalt You Father and we say thank You for who You are and all that You have done in our lives in 2015. We thank You for Your love, Your favor, Your provision, Your forgiveness, Your protection, and for Your perfect plan for each of us. We thank You for choosing us for such a time as this to be Your eyes, ears, hands, feet and examples of Your love, light, and life in this earth.

We surrender our will and say unto You according to Luke 1:38 (AMP), ‘Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; may it be done to me according to your word.’ We say use us God to fulfill Your purpose and destiny in this earth. Let Your kingdom come, let Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. We thank You that we are seated with You and that we reign with You. We thank You that we are equipped to do all that You have purposed for us to accomplish for Your kingdom’s sake. We decree that there are no closed doors that You have commanded for us to walk through, for every door that You open no man can shut. We decree that our faith, hearts, and minds are now enlarged to take possession of what You have already laid up for us in heavenly places. We put a demand on the very resources within our heavenly bank accounts set aside by You for Your plan for our lives and the desires of our hearts.

We thank You that our way is made easy and straight and with long life we are satisfied, we are always victorious and the gates of hell shall not prevail against Your church. We take possession of every place and every sphere of influence that You have sent us to. For every place the soles of our feet tread You have given it to us and we establish Your kingdom everywhere we go so that You will be lifted up and draw all men unto Yourself. We surrender so that You can be exalted in all that we say and do. Everything that you have purposed for us to accomplish in 2016 is done now in Jesus’ name. We come against and bind every hex, curse, plot, plan and assignment of the enemy for no weapon formed against us shall prosper.

Let every believer arise unto and walk in the full knowledge of who they are in You and the authority they have as believers and joint heirs with Christ. We call to every soul that is to come into the kingdom of God. We dispatch warring angels to go to every corner of the earth and bring forth an abundant harvest of souls now in Jesus’ name. There is no frustration of purpose and no delay in the manifestation of Your mature sons and daughters in the earth. The earth groans and awaits and the time is now for us to be revealed. Rise us up oh God, fill us with more of You until we overflow. None of us oh God but all of You. Let Your divine and perfect will including Your timing be done in each of our lives. God we desire Your purpose above anything we have planned. We say do what You will in us and through us. For it’s in You that we live, move and have our being. We are nothing without You and can only do all things through Christ who is our strength.

We seek first Your kingdom and Your way of doing things and all things will be added unto us. Save, heal, deliver and prosper Your people in this earth God. We take our rightful place as royalty and we are whole in You – nothing missing, lacking or broken; no evidence that the enemy has even touched our lives. Now let the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts be acceptable in Thy sight. We thank You God that it is done and is so, in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Happy, Blessed & Prosperous New Year! Make this year your best year ever.


© 2015 Kassandra McGhee



2015 has been nothing short of an absolutely amazing year! An amazing, remarkable, fantabulous, awesome year indeed! And in every way. Now typically people don’t feel that they can honestly make such a statement. With life’s ups, downs, and challenges, many wouldn’t say that their year has been perfect. But I must say that this year has been amazing!

2015 has been amazing and for so many reasons. Reasons I am sure most of you would agree with. We have all accomplished some things that at some point during the year might have seemed impossible. But God allowed us to persevere yet again and the outcome is nothing short of amazing.

Yes, amazing – we are accomplished and 2015 has been a success! Seriously, think back about your accomplishments and I’m not just talking about accomplishments in the way people tend to think of them by focusing on what can be clearly seen as “wins” only. I’m talking about what some might see as losses, near misses, challenges, or down right struggles. Yes, they are part of our 2015 accomplishments too. It all depends on how you view them.

Why, you might ask, include the things that could cause others to run to 2016 to escape the very thought of them? Why include things that might have almost served as a point of breakdown and not break-through? Why, you might ask? Well, because they too are part of our 2015 Victory Lap.

Each year, as I project plan for the upcoming year, I take inventory of the goals I’ve accomplished for the current/closing year: Spiritual, Ministry, Family, Business, Personal. Yes, I take full inventory of what I’ve achieved based upon the goals that were outlined. But this year, God challenged me to not just look at the goals I completed as my only accomplishments but also at other things I typically would count.

Yes, I was challenged to look at everything as a point of accomplishment and achievement. I was challenged to remember that all things worked together for my good because I loved Him and was called according to His purpose. So…if I learned, if I grew, if I was challenged, if I walked in love, if I persevered, if I overcame, if I kept the faith, if I prayed, if I encouraged others, if I forgave, if I believed, if I witnessed, if I praised Him, if I repented, if I decreed His word, if I sought His face, if I fasted, if I died more that He might live, if I trusted Him, if I sacrificed, if I worshipped Him, if I was obedient, if I admitted when I was wrong, if I surrendered, if I walked in purpose, if I gave Him the glory/credit, if I drew near to Him, if I exalted Him, if I loved Him……..

Yes, if I look back and see victory in all of the things, growth through all of circumstances, His love and guidance in all of the lessons, increased faith with every battle, a deeper love for Him in every situation, then I can truly see all of the things I’ve accomplished.

Yes, I’ve made so many gains this year and achieved some amazing goals. But in it all, I arrive at the end of 2015, closer to God and fuller of faith and hope than when I entered this year. Faith and hope not just for 2016 but in the God that holds my 2016 and beyond.

This has been a year of divine favor, a year of triumph, a year of rebirth, a year of renewal, a year of new birth, a year of purpose, a year of grace, a year of love. Yes, 2015 has been nothing short of an absolutely amazing year! An amazing, remarkable, fantabulous, awesome year indeed! And in every way. So it’s time for our victory lap. Wouldn’t you agree?


© 2015 Kassandra McGhee



Every new year brings an excitement and buzz with expectations for greater, better, and forward advancement. Whether it’s health, finances, personal relationships, business or spirituality, most of us start out with the desire to improve and make this year better than our last. And although we might have great intentions, it can be easy to fall into old habits if we don’t generate an atmosphere conducive to winning. 

As a Christian, I believe prayer is one of the best ways to create the right heart and mind required for our success. Thus, I would like to share my 2015 Goals & Vision Prayer that will hopefully help you begin your pursuit of success in 2015 in the right direction:

“Lord, according to Habakkuk 2:2, I am writing the vision for my destiny in You for 2015.  I thank You for the natural, earthly manifestation of what You have already completed for me in the spiritual realm.  I stand in agreement with Your Word and decree that I am the lender and not the borrower, above only and never beneath.  I operate in faith in You only and thus, have Your favor at all times, in every situation, and with every person.  I decree that wealth and riches are in my household and everything I set my hands to, prospers in Your name and for Your glory.  I sow and plant good seed, in good ground, and receive an abundant immediate (within 24 hours) good harvest.  I decree that every good due harvest that has not yet come to me and my storehouse are come to me now in Jesus’ name.  I decree that my gifts have brought me before great people and my vine will not cast its fruit before time.  I decree that there will be no premature births, delays, cancellations, destructions or deterrents to the callings on my life, Your manifested will for my life, and my gifts bringing wealth to me.  I decree freedom from all bondage, all works and forces of the enemy, and I bind & return every hex and weapon to satan now in Jesus’ name.    

I set watch over my mouth and only speak what You say.  I take my rightful place and position in this world as a ruler and walk in authority as a king in Your kingdom.  Every place the sole of my feet treads, You have given me to reign and to rule for Your kingdom’s sake.   I walk in Your power and Your authority, decreeing and establishing Your kingdom and Your ways every place I go.  I thank You and believe that I have now received what I have asked for in Jesus’ name.  I command angels to go forth now and minister these things unto me.  In the name of Jesus I pray and thank You that is so. Amen.”


© 2015 Kassandra McGhee